Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Lindsey

today.... not such a good day. it wasn't as effectual to me as it had to have been for lindsey's family. today.. lindsey would have turned 20. not so much of a milestone but at the same time, for someone who is no longer physically with us.. such a huge marker in life..

casey's mom was pretty bad today. she cried a lot at work today. and i didn't know what to do. i'm not comfortable with the comforting thing. only with a few people.. and i'm not very good at it. i kind of just gave her her space. i didn't want to say the wrong thing because there just isn't anything to say.

so.. really.. just wanted to wish Lindsey a Happy Birthday. I hope she's happy where ever she is.. and i can tell she watches over her family. and it's good for them. they need help through everything. especially on days like today.

love you girls...

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  1. :( Happy be-lated...hugs from me to you...and your fam.


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