Monday, January 7, 2008


as JD knows perfectly well.. i get obsessive. and i have found a new obsession. Musicals. I have loved Phantom of the Opera since I saw the movie. I haven't seen the play, and kind of don't have any desire to. I don't want it to ruin my image of the movie in my head. Plus, I feel like on the stage the actors seem to belt out louder.. and i don't like it. but i digress. i was sort of tricked into letting casey's mom buy Hairspray on DVD during a Best Buy run for Sean, Casey's brother. I watched it nonstop for a few weeks. Hairspray I feel like I have a special connection to because of they were promoting it throughout our Honeymoon. :) good memories.

aaannnnyyywayyyyy..... Yesterday I spent the day with my mom over in Redwood City, because the only time i get to hang out with her is at work and that's no fun. So i got there at 9 and i popped in Hairspray first, because she hadn't seen it. we watched it while we took down the tree in the living room. then we watched Moulin Rouge! now this was a musical that i had no desire to watch. but that was years ago, when i was only into the teenybopper type movies. apparently i've changed because i hardly watch those. But i think Moulin Rouge is also a sort of acquired taste. my sister first described it to me as "a musical on acid." which, in the beginning, is pretty much how it seems. but that's because of the director. baz luhrmann.. who is pretty offbeat and weird. romeo & juliet was the same way at moments. but anyway, i watched it yesterday, like really watched it, because i'd seen it before but then, you know how it is, it was only on in the background. i sat down and watched it this time, and i'm kind of in love. not with one of the actors specifically, but with the movie as a whole. of course there are some parts that i fast forward through, but the good far outweighs the bad. i love that the actors sing their own parts. i love that they incorporated previously released songs into the storyline. i've been obsessed with trying to find the soundtrack online. like a good one. phantom of the opera's 2 disc soundtrack was really good for the sole reason that you feel like you're watching the movie when you're just listening to the tracks. i want that with moulin rouge since stupid itunes doesn't sell the movie. so... you see.. obsessions make me drone on and one.

but i am going to be really happy this summer. Mamma Mia is going to be released in theatres. I don't know if the movie is going to be as good as the musical on stage. But i'm still excited to watch it, because... it's about damn time!! i've been looking for a DVD of the stage version ever since i saw it like 7 years ago! oh happy day that i'll be able to have it on dvd, movie style, with actors that i already like!! yippee skippy!!!

aren't you guys bored of reading about my stupid obsession??

Kellianne!! i'm happy that you're back safe and you had a great time! love the pics and videos. you and brandon are adorable!!

Danielle, i hope your house is working out well for you. i didn't even know you were moving. isn't it sad that casey and i can only afford a one bedroom condo for at least double the amount that it would cost for a 3 bedroom house with a huge backyard in the midwest. :(

jd.. did i tell you that my benefits will be changing soon? i'll be able to follow through with those appointments that i needed to. and we all know i need them! gotta make sure that i don't have something growing in my head that's causing all these headaches.

peace out chiquitas.. i'm gonna go watch Moulin Rouge. :D

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  1. Moulin Rouge totally rocks my face's amazing!!
    Luv you


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