Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Val in the Hizzo!!!

blogging... the word makes me cringe. I can't explain why. it sounds so... geeky. but i love to type.. so it kind of evens out. and since it seems funner (more fun?) than myspace "i'll give it a whirl" <--- that's from one of my Favoritest Christmas movies EVER... Home Alone. oh yes.. it's a good one.

not much to say for my first post.. except "Sup Homies!"


  1. Hehe...I love you!! but yea what is up with the euro languaged comment?!

  2. YAY! I have another friend to add to my blog! We can all be dweeby bloggers together! And yes this is so much better than MySpy a.k.a. GaySpace. I miss you Val! I just looked at a picture from the night Mitch and his friends scared the bajeebus out of us in the cemetary....and then I fell...and then you tripped...and then we laughed...and then we kept sprinting for our lives...and then there was the fire... Ahhhh...good times. I miss laughing with you and JD until we were crying and our stomach was cramping up!


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